‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

20 Dec

This was my first year volunteering for the Holiday Store at the Houston Area Women’s Center. Before I began, I knew what an incredible thing it was for mothers and children to pick out holiday gifts…but it didn’t actually sink in until I saw it for myself! Imagine a single mom who has nehappy-holidays-wallpaper1ver been able to buy her kids presents, walking into a room with piles of brand-new toys she can choose from, for not just one, but ALL her kids. There are so many stories I want to share, especially one in particular of a mom who walked past the our holiday store room and stopped in her tracks exclaiming, “That is EXACTLY what my youngest daughter said she wanted for Christmas!” With tears in her eyes she pointed to a wooden rocking horse and said, “Since I couldn’t afford a new one I went to a garage sale to see if I could find what she wanted, except all they had was a rusty, chipped rocking horse.” As she happily took the brand-new rocking horse with her she said, “My daughter is not going to believe that for the first time in her life, I got her what she wanted, she is going to be so happy. Thank you!”  It’s moments like these that really put life into perspective. Watching all the mothers’ and children’s joyous expressions and being able to share in their happiness is one of the best presents I could ever ask for. I wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season with family, loved ones and friends! Happy Holidays!

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